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I am Sunil Malpani from Malpani Travels – Smart way to travel. Our motto is ‘’ Understand client and design their holidays as per their tastes and preferences within their budget’’ Powerplay is a wonderful event management company and the kind of effort its Director Mr.Tarakjit Saha gives in the events & meetings of the Chapter, It shows his commitment towards his job. I was amazed to see his presentation, how good he is in different activities. I recommend Mr. Tarakjit Saha & Powerplay very strongly to be tried for your upcoming requirements.

Director, Malpani Travels


I am Nikunj Baheti, Director at Tater Business Management Private Limited. TBMPL is engaged in providing professional services starting from forming an entity to complete tailor-made accounting and compliance solutions and also generating management reports to handling departmental issues I visited the office of Powerplay located at 28 Raja Janmenjay Road and was educated by Mr. Tarakjit Saha on how they manage events, designs and exhibitions. I also attended the corporate meet which he organized for one of my client and I was really amazed with his and his team’s management. I would definitely recommend you to discuss with and plan your event with Mr. Tarakjit Saha and I am confident you will be the ultimate winner.

Director, Tater Business Management Pvt. Ltd.


I, Kuunal Malhotra, Managing Partner of AUTOBARN Inc. Member of Eminence Chapter of BNI, I have been in business for over 22 years now. My company acts as a Facilitator helping customers choose the car they require at the best price possible. I have known and interacted with Tarakjit Saha over the last few months concerning our respective businesses and roles at BNI.; when I understood his business better including his passion for his work. In just one single sitting he was able to not only suggest a very fruitful “Car Rally/Treasure Hunt” idea but also very simply explained all the related aspects to me. His firm, POWER PLAY, specializes in conceptualising and organizing events ranging from promos and parties to big-ticket events, They are a quality experiential marketing and business communication company, they manage events, design and fabricate exhibition stalls and execute all kind of on - ground promotion and activation. Their clients include L’oreal, Garnier, Hoi Choi, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Audi, EO Sports SVF Entertainment, Thomas Cook and many more I find Tarakjitda to be a wonderful human being who has been very successful in hosting successful events for corporates and I would definitely recommend him to anyone keen to use her company’s services and wish him the very best for his future endeavours. For AUTOBARN Inc. Kuunal Malhotra Managing Partner

Director, Autobarn Inc.



I am Sudeshna Banerjee, Founder and Director of PS DIGITECH-HR (INDIA) PVT. LTD. is a leading consulting company dealing with Construction Project Management Services, Engineering Design, and Training. This testimonial is for Tarakjit Saha, Owner of PowerPlay Concepts. Tarakjit & I have known each other for the last One and a half years. Tarakjit is of very jovial nature and a very motivating type. Because of his motivation and encouragement, I had taken the decision of joining this wonderful Chapter of BNI. As I have seen him he is very passionate about his work. No matter what type of work it is. It may be Event Management or maybe Cooking or maybe anything else. He is very dedicated, punctual, and very professional in his own professional area. I had seen him managing big events very smoothly and with a very calm head. Very recently I had seen him completing big projects like IEPA and one school Annual function project very nicely and in a completely professional way. I volunteered to write this recommendation for Mr. Tarakjit Saha because he is the best in his work and he has the intelligence, work ethic, and communications skills to add value wherever he works. Furthermore, he has enough knowledge of the technicalities as an Event Manager. He is very well informed and knowledgeable on the different aspects of what it takes to be an Event Manager. I wish him and his team great success in his upcoming events.



I, Neha Bhatnagar, represent Fun Pickle, an event management company for kids. We organize customized and thematic birthday parties, carnivals, and events for clubs, schools, malls & hotels. Our customized birthday party packages, theme birthdays, innovative decoration ideas & carnival setups make us unique! Mr. Tarakjit Saha is a Partner at Power Play, which is into designing, conceptualizing, building, fabricating & managing corporate events. I have interacted with him on various occasions and I am impressed with his drive & passion towards his business as well as new & innovative ideas in his line of work, which speaks highly about his experience. He also successfully co-organized the "One India Concert" during the lockdown which was a prestigious event. We jointly organized the BNI Eminence Socials and interacting with him during the planning stage showed to me his commitment towards BNI as well as everything that he does. I would highly recommend Mr. Saha for corporate events and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Director, Fun Pickle



I am Abhijit Tapadar, DIrector Autus Financial Consultants Pvt Ltd representing the General Insurance category in my chapter BNI Eminence. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Mr. Tarakjit Saha of M/s PowerPlay for the innovative conceptualization & client-friendly solution design demonstrated by him & his firm. I had a meeting with Mr. Tarakjit Saha & was pretty impressed to know the body of work that was conceptualized & executed by him & his firm. Tarakjit has a very sharp & brilliant mind & his ideas & vision for the business are truly commendable. I would like to strongly recommend the services of M/s PowerPlay to everyone who is looking for solutions on their any Event Management needs . I wish All the Very Best to Mr. Tarakjit Saha & his entire team at M/s PowerPlay in all their future professional endeavours .

Warm Regards ,

Director, Autus Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


TESTIMONIAL To Mr. Tarakjit Saha M/s. Powerplay Kolkata.

This is Siddharth Hada from Sumeru, Sumeru is in the business of marketing products for a number of reputed foreign manufacturers for the Mining, Steel, Power, Cement, and Oil & Gas Industries in India. In the last 35 years, Sumeru has developed goodwill and reputation to the satisfaction of all user companies. We specialize in Bolting Solutions. I have known Mr. Saha how we fondly call Tarakjit Da since I have joined BNI in December 2019. Tarakjit Da comes across as a very warm and helpful person with a never say die attitude. He is extremely professional when it comes to the work front and is passionate about whatever he does. He has a great sense of understanding about the requirements of an organization and ensures that he and his team provide a complete package for any event right from designing and fabrication to on-ground support at the event ground. He and his team have been associated with big brands like Hoichoi and more. I'm sure this quality of Mr. Saha / Powerplay will take them a long way. I strongly recommend Mr. Saha / Powerplay for the quality of work and prompt response time they offer.

Best wishes,

Director, Sumeru (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Myself, Shalini Arora proprietor of Carrot Sweet, a bakery based out of Kolkata, was also awarded by BCCI. I met Mr. Tarakjit Saha, Event Manager who runs his company, POWERPLAY, and executes Corporate Events. The Events are well planned and executed in style. They take care of every minute detail into account and guide the client for a flawless event. I strongly recommend you to have a discussion with Mr. Tarakjit Saha if you or your close ones want to launch or promote your products with customer engagements because he has great expertise in the same. He is already working with some of the world-renowned brands. I would strongly recommend my clients/ friends/ family to take a discussion with Tarakjit Saha for Corporate Event Ideas and execute them in style. Wishing him lots of success.

Director, Carrot Sweet


Testimonial for Tarakjit Saha I am Vivek Chopra, Director of Chopra Enterprises, a company dealing with Consumer Electronics, having our Retail showroom in Park Street, Kolkata. We are also into B2B business of bulk supply of Multi branded Electronics Pan India. This testimonial is for Mr. Tarakjit Saha, Partner at Powerplay, a Corporate Events Company in Kolkata. I have known Tarakjit for a couple of years now, and in him, I have found a great friend who is always ready to help in any matter. Being from the background of Corporate events, his contact sphere is a must-have, as he can get any job done in a snap of a finger. His experience in the field of corporate events, be it banks, MNCs, Govt. Organizations are so strong that any event of any scale is done in the blink of an eye. We have shared so many meetings with each other's clients, I'm amazed to see the trust people have in him in the market. He is the best man for the job for any level of events being Organized in India. I wish him all the best in his business, and I see a lot of potential in Powerplay in the future. Regards,

Vivek Chopra

Director, Chopra Enterprises


My Name is Sanjay Dua and I am the founder of DUA's Knowledge Potli. We, DUA's Knowledge Potli cater to all your soft skills and life skills requirements. We use spiritual science, behavioral psychology, and psychotherapy to enable individuals to become better versions of themselves. This Testimonial is for Tarakjit Saha, for the great professionalism and dedication that he and his organization "Powerplay" is exhibiting for corporate events, exhibitions, business branded communications, conferences, and many more. One-stop show for all the corporate house events and functions. He and his team of excellent event managers are the guiding forces for Powerplay. I strongly recommend Powerplay services for all the corporate houses.


Sanjay Dua

Director, Dua's Knowledge Potli


Testimonial for Mr. Tarakjit Saha, Powerplay Corporate Events.

I am Mrs. Nabanita Bose Mukherjee from Bubble Blue, Integrated Daycare. We at Bubble Blue, provide holistic education to children in their early childhood years through our Montessori curriculum and we have also been a great support system to the working parents providing daycare facilities between the ages 6 months to 10 years for the last thirteen years located at five strategic locations across the city of Kolkata. We are currently providing blended preschool classes for the age group of 2 to 5.5 years. We also train students to become able role models and facilitators of the children through our Montessori Teachers Training program. Mr. Tarakjit Saha and his team make an amazing team curating specialized events for the corporates. Innovation is in the DNA of Mr. Saha and there is no iota of doubt that we can create magic and convert a drab, luck-luster event into a majestic one. Apart he comes across as a very helpful person to me. He walks the extra mile to make things comfortable for people around him. He has been a great help to me in the chapter handling the silliest question sometimes. I would highly recommend Mr. Tarakjit Saha and his firm Powerplay Corporate Events for the proven expertise in organizing events, end to end, ranging from designing, fabrication, managing stall, launching products, organizing dealer meets, customer engagement activations, training, and many more. I can assure you that with the experience and intent that he has, you would be in highly trusted hands. I wish him and his team all the best for the years ahead!

Nabanita Bose Mukherjee

Director, Bubble Bee


I am Anuj Bajoria from Virrayaa Jewellery. We are a Bridal Polki Jewellery Design house based out from Kolkata and now have stores in Delhi and Guwahati as well. Our forte is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs with a modern twist! I have known Mr. Tarakjit Saha from the early days of BNI. I came to know of his services more as a president when he used to be leading all the work in the LVH team. Being into the profession of Event Management, Experiential Marketing and Communications 'POWERPLAY' has been a leading name in this part of India. His team curates fabulous events and experiences which really transports one to a different world. He works really hard and never shy’s away from his duties and we at EMINENCE are proud to have him as the LVH of our chapter. He has created fabulous online and offline events and great memories for the chapter as a whole. I wish him all the best and hope he takes 'POWERPLAY' to greater heights!

Anuj Bajoria

Director, VIRRAYAA JEWELLERY A Unit of Mukund Int (p) Ltd


I am Dr. Sandhya Hans, Co-Founder of Artisan Soul Retail Pvt. Ltd. We are an online marketplace for unique Indian handicraft products. Our exquisite collection comprises women and men's apparel & accessories, home & office decor, dining & kitchen utilities. Our products can be ordered from the website Our Artisan & Team have expertise in innovation and can bring customized handicraft products for bulk orders, rewards, etc. Tarakjit Saha is connected to me through the BNI Platform. He is known for handholding of new BNI members and taking the best out of them. He and his venture M/s POWERPlAY is a name akin to innovation and concept actualization. He is a visionary and holds expertise in event management. The more you talk to him, you will get to know about his skill and user-friendly ideas. This is the reason he has many good brands associated with him. A few of the known names are SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., HoiChoi, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mirae Asset Management Co., etc. POWERPLAY has a team of passionate event managers who will take your brand and business to a new height I really recommend Tarakjit to all my connections for their Event management needs. I am confident that the professional visionary attitude of the POWERPLAY team will help you in bringing your business to the limelight. I wish him all the very best!

Sandhya Hans

Co-Founder, Artisan Soul Retail


I am Vicky Dhir, a former investment banker and an MBA from the Said Business School at the University of Oxford and partner at Viva Impex, dealing in PVC Sheeting, Rainwear, Packaging, and Home Furnishings. Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! The only word that comes to my mind as I think of Tarakjit Saha from Powerplay. Tarakjit Saha, fondly addressed as Tarak da by most in his inner circle. A tiger is an agile, calm yet ferocious animal with the zeal to accomplish its targets under any circumstance. Tarakjit is a person that embodies similar traits. He has a depth of experience that comes across in his communication style. Moreover, he is a great listener and he hears you out before commenting. He also has a unique ability to provide a suggestion and then disconnect with it, not enforcing that one needs to act on it, which gives the mentee the space to explore, which is a great position to be in. “Da” is Bengali is used fondly for big brother and to me he has truly been a big brother, always looking over my shoulder and reassuring me that all will be well. I have had the privilege and honor to work alongside him in the BNI Leadership Team of Eminence and the learnings I have had from him will always be with me for a lifetime. He has an inherent ability to understand the technicalities and marketing aspects of a client and provide creative and unique solutions. As a corporate event specialist, he has established his footprint and credibility on the city’s local map and is now a name to reckon with. With his unique ideas, resilience, and go-getter attitude, I am confident that he will very soon be a name on the national and international circuit. I highly recommend Tarakjit Saha from Powerplay for his services in Corporate Events. It is an absolute pleasure knowing him and I wish him the very best in all his endeavors.

Vicky Dhir

Director, VIVA Impex


I, Deepa Battoo @ Trendz Boutique, a one stop shop for all your requirements for Ladies Ethnic wear for casual or party wear.. Would like to present this TESTIMONIAL for Tarakjit Saha@ Powerplay for the immense support n motivation he has provided me right from the time I joined the chapter as a new member recently. Lending a patient ear always n guiding me on how to go about my journey. Also helped me to understand which training would be more feasible as a beginner. A wonderful person and a guide I am truly fortunate to have him as a Mentor. Wishing him success in all his endeavors.


Deepa Battoo

Director, Trendz Boutique


Last evening we launched the WICCI- WEST BENGAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT SECTOR and I must thank Tarakjit SAHA, and his company POWERPLAY.

The help extended in handling the zoom Session and for putting together a pictorial presentation of the flow we charted, and videos we sent. Much appreciated.

It truly made all of us at the WOMENS INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Proud and glad that we had you on Board for the DIGITAL launch of WBSDC, and me glad I belong to the Benevolence Chapter.

Thank you so much Tarakjit and your company

Last evening we launched the WICCI- WEST BENGAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT SECTOR and I must thank Tarakjit SAHA, and his company POWERPLAY.

The help extended in handling the zoom Session and for putting together a pictorial presentation of the flow we charted, and videos we sent. Much appreciated.

It truly made all of us at the WOMENS INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Proud and glad that we had you on Board for the DIGITAL launch of WBSDC, and me glad I belong to the Benevolence Chapter.

Thank you so much Tarakjit and your company.

Priscilla Corner

Celebrity Hairstylist and Creative Director in the June Tomkyns chain of Salons


Hi, I am Anand Mundhra, Director of Second House, a Restro Bar situated behind Lake Mall, in operation for more than 10 years now.

This testimonial is for Tarakjit Saha of Powerplay, a Corporate Events Company.

He has done exceptionally good work as LVH and previously in Extended LT Roles and is a strong backbone in bringing Eminence to a position where it is today.

Powerplay, in September end, organized Eminence’s Awards Night. Tarakjit Saha took the responsibilities of printing All the Certificates, Awards, Medals that was supposed to be presented to Members and I must say the work he and his team has done is commendable as there were many last minutes changes and the same was also taken care off.

His dedication towards his work is commendable and unparalleled and something we should all learn from. He is always available and only a phone call away to help us out from any matter.

I wish Tarakjit Saha and his team at Powerplay all the very best and I strongly recommend his company’s name for all your Corporate Event’s Requirement.

Anand Mundhra

Director, Second House


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